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 Welcome to The Dakshana Alumni Network

This website is dedicated to The Dakshana Foundation’s Alumni Network named DAAN.

DAAN in Sanskrit means unconditional generosity through giving (without seeking anything in return). Every Dakshana scholar, who finishes the 2-year Dakshana coaching program while in school grades 11th and 12th, automatically becomes a DAAN member.

The Dakshana Alumni are currently students studying at the various IITs, NITs and other elite colleges across India. The DAAN website aims to facilitate communication and connectivity among its DAAN members, so that they can help each other and grow into a powerful network of alumni. The DAAN community is dedicated to “selfless giving” – to each other, to the young Dakshana scholars aspiring to join their ranks, to their communities back home and to The Dakshana Foundation which gave them the opportunity and the means to succeed.

Dakshana is all about the beneficiary of aid today being the donor of tomorrow. On completion of their college studies, these Dakshana Alumni will secure good employment in the business world and join the affluent class of society. With success, these young people have the moral obligation (but no binding legal obligation) to give back 10% of their lifetime earnings to the Dakshana Foundation. The foundation, in turn, would use these funds to award more scholarships every year and continue to scale and grow. Thus, after a decade or two, the foundation should be able to secure all its funding needs from within the beneficiary base. Hopefully, the model is successful even with extremely high “default rates”. Mohnish and Harina are cautiously optimistic that the kids they are helping today will continue and expand this Dakshana cycle of receiving and then giving. They believe these young people will be the ones running and funding Dakshana in the coming decades.

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