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 Aims & Purpose

The Dakshana Alumni Network or DAAN community of college students across the country needs to come together as a cohesive group dedicated first and foremost to helping its own members grow and successfully complete their college studies in order to secure employment in the workplace.

The DAAN website aims to facilitate this much needed social networking among the DAAN members. Seniors can help juniors with:

  • Securing of student loans and scholarships
  • 3rd Year summer internships
  • Mentoring and career path options
  • Counselling on campus / hostel life and environment

The DAAN community also has the moral responsibility to welcome the New Dakshana Graduates joining their college campuses for the first time by providing the Initial Orientation Sessions to the new arrivals. And then there is the pressing need for DAAN volunteers to support Dakshana activities and events in their respective JNV school districts back home; they can be the guiding beacons that inspire, motivate, guide and counsel their younger brothers and sisters in grades 11 and 12 in their journey towards achieving their dreams for admission to an elite college institution.

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