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Subject: Vocabulary sub-section under Reading
Description: As a child, I always enjoyed reading the Oxford English Dictionary. The fact that the dictionary had thousands of words with such different usages intrigued me. Of course, I wasn’t a very bright child to remember all the words I used to look up in the dictionary. However, even today, I continue to practice to expand my vocabulary. Today, while reading page no. 14 of the November edition of the DAAN newsletter I was taken back to that time. The page has a wordlist with the meanings mentioned. While reading that list, I wondered if I could take a step to contribute to this learning. That’s when I thought of teaching vocabulary in the context of reading because most often we come across difficult vocabulary when we read. Therefore, today I want to share an interesting article from The Economics Times written by an IIM alumnus that talks about how we should navigate through our first year of work. Considering that a lot us will get into our first job, I feel this will be a good learning exercise for you. I have attached a pdf of the article and I encourage you to read it. Once you read the article, please look at the words highlighted in yellow. Try and make an educated guess on the meanings of those words from the context. Do not bother if you are not able to arrive to a conclusion. Dictionary is to your rescue! Once you identify the meanings, please share your answers in the discussion forum. I’ll respond to your post with my comments. I look forward to reading your responses. Good luck! Regards, Smriti Agarwal
Discussion Form PostedDate: Feb 03, 2013 8:35 AM
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